World Handicap System

Introduced on 2nd November 2020 for the CONGU area, the WHS provides a global approach to handicapping making the Handicap Index of a player truly portable around the world.

The WHS Rules of Handicapping can be found here along with the CONGU Advice Document.
Mixed Tee Calculator Update - v 1.10

Updates and Advice

Advice on adjustments to the Rules of Golf to take account of the COVID-19 pandemic. Documents amended for the introduction of the World Handicap System.

** Updated 22 July 2021 **

Guidance to Rules Adjustments allowable for the return of Acceptable Scores for handicapping.

Useful Information

An addition to the FAQs to provide more in-depth information on the WHS including advice on the recording of No Returns (Updated).

Welcome to CONGU

A golf handicap allows players of all levels of golfing ability to compete against each other on a fair and equal basis. Thus a handicap system is effectively essential to the popularity and prosperity of the game of Amateur Golf. The CONGU® area (GB&I) are part of the World Handicap System (WHS) – a system which provides players with a golf handicap that reflects their playing ability to that of all other players around the world.

Returning of Acceptable Scores

In addition to the previous post regarding the adjustment of rules to allow the safe playing of golf whilst under the COVID-19 situation, CONGU has created a document to advise and recommend to clubs appropriate actions for the return of Acceptable Scores. It expands upon the R&A advice on the relaxation of Rule 3.


Guidance on Rules Adjustments for Acceptable Scores During the Covid-19 Restrictions

CONGU Decision 23/3/2020 (Updated 05/05/2020, 11/05/2020 and 01/07/2020) This information is available in a downloadable document here Read 28/12/2020