Club Handicaps

Club Handicaps

The purpose of a CONGU® Club Handicap is to enable players, whose golfing ability does not currently justify the award of the maximum CONGU® Handicap of 28.0 for Men, 36.0 for Ladies, to have a higher handicap up to a maximum of 54.0. Such handicaps enable:

–       beginners to have a handicap commensurate with their ability at an early stage of their involvement in the game of golf;

–       developing players to have a yardstick against which to measure their progress; and

–       players of declining ability who hold the maximum handicap of 28.0 [36.0] but who can no longer play to this maximum to elect to hold a higher handicap albeit that this may restrict their entry to some competitions but give them a more realistic handicap for social and club golf.


For full details about how to obtain a club handicap, please see Appendix J of the manual